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Quality Organic Peat Free Compost 

Wonderful for planting and ideal as a soil improver. It's vital to create a good base of soil and compost in order for your flowers and vegetables to grow successfully. Our Organic Peat Free Compost is produced from clean domestic cuttings from around Sussex; It is beautifully dark in colour and friable and especially good for soil improvement, trees, planting and garden mulching.

Backyard Farmer offer a high quality Organic Peat Free Compost from sustainable sources and our prices include delivery to most of the UK including central London, so there are no hidden extras.

Although we are a new website we have over twenty years experience in the business and can advise you on all aspects of supplying organic compost and other garden products, whether you are a smallholder, home gardener or business.

  • Simply choose your organic peat free compost and place your order directly on our easy to use website. 
  • We supply the finest organic peat free organic compost in various quantities.
  • Although it is possible to grow vegetables without adding organic compost, it is much more difficult.  We specialise in supplying the finest organic peat free compost and soil improver.
  • All our gardens would benefit from the addition of organic matter (organic compost) every year.  Organic compost rots down in the soil, but little of the compost is retained to improve the soil structure in the long term.  As the compost decomposes, the added organic compost supplies nutrients and enhances the soils water capacity.
  • Quality organic garden compost is ideal for soil improvement and planting alike, creating a good base of soil and compost in order for your plants to grow properly.

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