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Mulching with Organic Compost

  • Mulching with Organic Peat Free Compost - is an environmentally friendly way to enhance your flowerbeds! Create beautifully dark rich & weed free borders instantly. Applying the organic compost in an approximate 5cm layer over the topsoil will not only reduce the need for feeding but will save you money on expensive plant food. Our organic peat free compost is weed free, a beautiful dark colour and rich in slow release nutrients.

Why use compost instead of woodland mulch?


  • Our woodland mulch will last longer than the organic peat free compost but the finer screened compost can look more attractive.
  • The compost can be dug into the soil at the end of the summer and acts as a natural soil improver
  • Backyardfarmer supply both peat free organic compost and mulch, online and all our prices include nationwide delivery (excluding the islands and highlands). The price you see is the price you pay.