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SnailWhy use organic peat free compost?

  • Organic peat free compost can be applied for a range of uses within gardens, landscaping and of course full scale agriculture.
  • The compost screening grades the products to between 0-30mm particles which can then be used as a soil improver, mulch, topsoil constituent, turf dressing and a growing medium.
  • Organic compost can be applied in a range of end uses; within gardens, on brownfield sites, landscaping and full scale agriculture.

The Benefits....

  • Organic matter (compost) in soil is essential for our soils health and structure, improving water holding capacity and increasing microbial activity.
  • Reduces need for inorganic fertilisers - peat free organic compost is an invaluable organic source of nutrients, containing slow release nitrogen and many other naturally occurring key nutrients such as phosphorous and potassium.
  • Increases crop yield - Adding fertilisers is no substitute for organic matter. Peat free organic compost will not only provide fertilisation but it is also high in organic matter, helping modern plants and crops establish rapidly and enabling them to thrive naturally, through high levels of organic matter in the soil.
  • Increases soil structure - peat free organic compost undoubtedly improves the strength and workability of the soil, allowing roots systems to easily penetrate and enabling them to find water and nutrients effectively.
  • Improved soil drainage and water holding capacity - water is absorbed and retained better in soil which is rich in organic matter (compost), meaning less irrigation and lower water consumption.
  • Reduces soil erosion - our wonderful British climate, often with wind and rain combined can erode our soil, especially when it contains low levels of organic matter, but with the addition of peat free organic compost applied regularly the problem can be solved.
  • Plant disease suppression - micro-organisms feed off the organic matter in peat free compost and coupled with the micro-organisms already present in your soil they release polysaccarids and humic substances. These help improve soils structure by releasing nutrients in the organic matter and making it available for plants and crops to use as food, whilst suppressing soil born plant pathogens too.
Organic compost produced from recycled garden waste makes both environmental and financial sense as well as providing many direct benefits to the soil and turf to which is applied.

Love your environment .... love your organic peat free compost!

Organic Peat Free Compost ...