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Wood Stores

Looking for a quality ready assembled hand built wood store?

Welcome to Backyard farmer where our wood stores are individually hand built and delivered direct to your door ready assembled, all you need to do is fill the wood store with logs. Or we can deliver your hardwood logs too, why not purchase your wood store as a package, with seasoned hardwood logs, kindling and firelighters all included.

Our individually hand built wood stores are made so you can season freshly cut timber and are perfect to store already dry seasoned wood.


Our backyard farmer wood stores will allow your seasoned wood to breath and will help them dry naturally, whilst the wood store protects them from the wet weather.
We hand build three sizes of wood stores and all our wood stores are designed to allow nature to season and dry your firewood as quickly as possible.
The Cottage Log Store is a handmade traditional cottage design wood store, ideal for smaller spaces but still manages to hold around .70 cubic metres of firewood.  Get instant access to your firewood logs and place the wood store near to a door.
The Large Log Store is handmade to the same high quality as the Cottage Log Store but wider and with the addition of a shelf, ideal for kindling or even more logs!  This large wood store will hold approximately 1 cubic metre of firewood.
The Medium Log Store is our newest addition to our range of wood stores,  designed to encourage nature to dry and season freshly split logs and firewood as quickly as possible. This wood store is made to a similar design to our cottage log store & large log store, but with a lean-to roof rather than a pitch roof. This wood store still has an approximate log storage capacity of 1 cubic metre.
All wood stores delivered ready assembled and the price includes delivery.

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Why would I need a log store for wood storage?

Not only does a wood store allow you to neatly stack your seasoned firewood and save space but the wood stores are built so the air can circulate freely around your seasoned firewood, keeping the moisture levels low and getting the most efficient burn from your logs.

It is essential that you burn dry logs, burning wet logs can be most dangerous as they are more likely to build up soot in your chimney and create a fire risk.  So if you are buying green wood, this will need to dry out over a period of at least 12 months, depending on the type of wood, length of the log and split log sizes.

All of our handbuilt ready assembled wood  stores are made with sturdy pressure treated tanalised. timber and all the nails and screws are galvanised.  This not only gives the wood stores a rustic look but means they are really built to last. The wood stores are built off ground to ensure the best possible circulation of air, which is essential when drying, seasoning or storing firewood. The pitched roof allows the wood stores to shed rainwater easily and allows the moisture to evaporate away from the wood store.

Handbuilt Wood Log Stores  - made to order and delivered ready assembled.  

Handbuilt Wood Log Stores - No flat packs - No hard work!  

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Get the best of everything, with your handbuilt wood store, ready assembled, nets of already seasoned hardwood logs, nets of fantastic kindling and the best of all our eco-firelighters, a natural product made from sustainably sourced wood wool and soaked with clean candle and bees waxes. Truly the best firelighters your can buy!