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Geese available to order via

Geese available to order via
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£ 89.30
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*Free Range Goose are still available to pre-order from our Pumphouse Farm website

*Due to limited stock available, and to ensure correct stock available, we are taking orders for geese from our Pumphouse Farm website only.

Fresh Free Range Goose - Oven ready with Giblets

  • The finest fresh Free Range Goose available.
  • Dressed and plucked by hand
  • Hung to mature
  • Boxed with giblets
Free Range Christmas Goose - Averages £18.80 per kg
Traditional farm fresh oven ready free range goose, finest quality birds oven ready for your Christmas dinner and now available to buy online.
Backyard Farmer are proud to offer the finest free range Christmas Goose available, all carefully sourced from a local breeder.  
Farm Gate collection - collect from our pop up farm shop in Hightown, Merseyside, 23rd & 24th December 

Ensure your have the happiest Christmas with a happy fresh free range roast goose.



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